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India’s very own Eco-Friendly Brand, Wear one for the planet!

A Few Words About

Our Makers

“With great powers comes great responsibility”

Presenting ‘Viosfaira’,
It can also be termed as the zone of life on Earth.
Or most commonly known as the Biosphere.
We created a collection of eco-friendly clothing.
Our clothes are not only ahead of its curve when it comes to fashion and trends,
we also make sure that they use less natural resources.
For example, our denim saves approx 5000 liters of water as compared to any other denim available in the market.
Same is the story with other apparels made inside our factory.
And guess what,
our clothes come with ‘HEIQ VIROBLOCK’ technology which makes our clothes antibacterial and antiviral. 
We take this as our responsibility to the planet.
So next time when you wear one for anything,
don’t forget to wear one for the planet.

Inder Preet Singh

Founder - CEO

Simran Preet Kaur

Marketing Head